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If you are looking for Katy, TX shared coworking space, Titan Business Suites has what you are looking for. We offer both large and small business offices that can accommodate your team. Working over the internet can be great, but sometimes, you want to work in person with your team.

We can accommodate your team with an office space that is up to 300 square feet. We also have large conference rooms that will provide everything you need to conduct a successful and productive meeting.  Our offices are ready to move in. So you can get to work immediately without having to set up services. We offer receptionist and mail services for full office accommodations.

Titan Business Suites has your office solutions right here in Katy, Texas. Give us a call, or text us for more information.

Katy, TX shared coworking space

A Katy, TX shared coworking space can help your team work more effectively on projects in person rather than in virtual meetings.

Renting Katy, TX Shared Coworking Space Can Help Work Productivity

In the past, many people have had to work from home and over the internet. It was a great way to adapt to change and still get work done. Many companies still adopt this way of working as it can be a great way to save money on head space.

Plus, many employees love the convenience of working from home. They have more time with their families, they don’t have to worry about communicating long distances, and they feel more comfortable in a familiar place. There is no doubt that working on the internet and having virtual meetings is an excellent alternative.

However, it can have its drawbacks. If someone is having technical difficulties, it can surely slow things down, and not just the bandwidth. Production seems to come to a screeching halt if one of your team members is not able to participate in the meeting, especially if it is a key person in the meeting.

Sometimes messages do not get conveyed the way you want them to over the internet, and there certainly can be a lot of distractions around. So, if you are looking to get back into an office setting, even if it is temporarily, then Titan Business Suites has your Katy, TX shared coworking space solution.

We have large shared office spaces that can fit your team all in one place comfortably. There will be plenty of room for all of your to come together to work on some of the largest projects you may have.

You won’t have to worry about slow bandwidth getting in your way of communication. Everyone is right there in front of you, so communication and productivity can speed up.

Katy, TX shared coworking space

Between our reception services, mail services, and cost-effective amenities, you will have everything you need to run your business right at your fingertips.

Our Offices Have Everything You Need

When you rent one of our offices, there is no need to move furniture or set up services. We have everything ready to go already. Our offices are move-in ready and fully furnished. Don’t waste time. Come in and start work immediately with our spacious and professional yet stylish-looking offices. You can create a more professional-looking environment to help your team get motivated.

We offer the best phone equipment with voice-mail to email options. Our offices are equipped with high-speed business class internet, Cat6 Cabling, and bandwidth allocation options. We offer administrative services, including notary, data entry, appointment scheduling, and so much more.

With over 1000 meeting rooms and touchdown spaces all over the world, we can help our clients no matter where they need to meet.

Our conference rooms can fit up to ten people comfortably. You don’t have to be a member with us to rent a conference room. However, there are some great advantages to becoming a member, such as deals on our pricing.

All our meeting rooms have Wi-Fi capabilities, HDMI adapters, Apple TV equipment, glass dry erase boards, conference call capabilities, and high-definition screen displays with Bluetooth.

Our team can enjoy a break at our gourmet coffee bar, where we have coffee, tea, and other refreshments, all completely free.

Interested in Our Virtual Services?

When you become a member, you can take part in our virtual services that a normal office can give you. We offer mail services that will allow you to sort your mail, forward it, and let you only deal with important items. We have a contactless mailbox service that we can provide through our app. Use our receptionist service when you sign up for a local business telephone number.

All of these services can help make your business come across as more established to your clients and business partners. Building a business can be challenging, and even more so when you are running it out of your home. If you need that extra element to help make your business more professional.

We mentioned earlier how becoming a member can come with great deals. Well, if you sign up for our virtual services, you can get sixty percent off of our conference rooms, and you can receive a 45 percent discount on all our FedEx services.

Consider Renting a Private Office

If you enjoy using our large offices, meeting rooms, and virtual services, perhaps you want to rent a small private office from us as well. You know how good our other services are; therefore, you can depend on our private offices to be just great.

You still get all the great amenities you would with any of our larger offices. All our offices come fully equipped with furniture, phone, and internet services. You get access to your office any time you need. So if you want to burn that midnight oil, come up to your private office and work in your own private space.

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Titan Business Suites is a professional office rental company that knows how to help make your small business look big. With dozens of offices and high-quality phone and mail services, you can make your business look better than ever. Moreover, there is no long-term obligation. You can rent our offices for as long or as short amount of a time as you need.

To see what our past clients think about our services, check out our testimonials. Do you have a question? See if it is answered on our FAQ page.

We make our services fit your needs so you can keep your business going at a price that fits your budget. Sign up today when looking for a Katy, TX shared coworking space.

Fun Facts for Katy, TX

  • Katy was all but destroyed in the infamous hurricane of 1900.
  • It was considered to be the rice capital of the world.
  • Locals can enjoy campouts, movie nights, and other community activities at VFW Park.