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Work smarter with Katy TX Business Suites. If you are in need of business suites in Katy, let Titan Business Suites be your hero. Choosing the best workplace setting is essential to the success of your company. Have you ever seen a successful business-person working out of a shack? No! To have a successful business practice, you must prioritize it by investing in it. Every person who has ever run a successful business knows this. You must have a proper environment to conduct your business out of, otherwise, your clients may go running. They want to feel respected and important.

Titan’s offices can provide both you and your clients with everything you need. We have many modern amenities, meeting rooms, virtual office plans, and private office space. If you are seeking any or all of these things, come to Titan.

In this article, we’re going to speak about all of our options and offers, and how Titan Business Suites can help expand your business.

Private Office Space

Private office space is essential to your productivity

Office space is essential to your productivity increasing. Are you currently working out of a home office? Do you currently not have an office at all? Our private offices will be an ideal rescue for you. They are fully furnished with 24-hour entry, you’ll have faxing and printing services available onsite, and a business cafe for you to enjoy your coffee. You can even have a receptionist to answer your calls as an add-on.

First of all, working from home is never ideal for several reasons. Let’s think about what those may be.

Children and Animals

Are you the proud parent of a child or fur-baby? If you said yes, then we are going to a venture a guess that your dependents are incredibly distracting. That is what they do. Children, in particular, will want to talk to you all about their day and regular activities. They may even want to include you in them. As much as we adore our children, they can distract you away from the tasks at hand. Animals will require extra attention as well that you may want to be focusing somewhere else.

No Formal Workspace

For whatever reason, you may not have had the time or money to dedicate to setting up an office desk. You need a comfortable chair, an accessible desk, and room for your clients to visit and speak with you in a professional environment. If you have none of these at home, not even an extra room to run an office, we urge you to sign up for a private office with us. This way you can get to work and feel like a professional.

Chores and Distractions

When we are situated in our home environment, we are more distracted. Let’s say you’re trying to work, but there are dishes in the sink that you can see from your chair. The trash needs to go out, the laundry needs to be switched, and your work surface isn’t clean. We understand that things can build up. Our offices are always kept clean so that you have nothing to distract you away from work. The less prudent of distractions at home is your tv, or perhaps your comic book collection. All of the things that interest you are probably stored at home. If you have a report to finish in an hour, you can’t get sidetracked by the sitcom rerun on the TV. Go to a private office.

Virtual Services

Everything is done online nowadays. There is a reason for this. Our modern technology has allowed us to get in contact with clients and business partners from across the globe. We can keep a record of all of our prior communications through email, upload our work immediately over the internet, and access millions of networking sites at the touch of our fingertips. You want the best you can get in terms of virtual services. We have several virtual office service options:

  • 16 hours of private office use every month
  • Access to all of our meeting rooms and office space worldwide
  • A local number and a receptionist to answer your calls
  • Voicemail to email services
  • Discounted rates on Titan’s meeting rooms
  • and up to 45% off FedEx Shipping Services

That is a lot of great benefits!

Virtual Offices Space Katy TX

Our virtual offices have everything you need

Meeting Rooms

Titan provides great meeting rooms at a price you can afford. When you have a meeting room, you will be able to conduct formal group meetings with conference calls, visual aids, and privacy. Your clientele and business partners will feel important when you bring them into one of our meeting rooms.

What are the benefits? Let’s look.

  • Up to 10 clients and coworkers can come into your office
  • You will have access to 1000s of meeting rooms worldwide
  • Wi-Fi available for you and your guests
  • High definition screens
  • HDMI adapters and Apple TV equipment
  • Glass dry erase boards
  • Conference call capabilities
  • Access to a gourmet coffee bar and staff services

Your clients will want to visit you again and again. Rent out one of our conference rooms today.


We have many modern amenities available for our clients at Titan, such as:

  • Meeting rooms with modern furniture and High Definition TVs
  • High-speed internet connections
  • Executive desks and chairs with guest chairs
  • 24/7 access
  • A professional lobby
  • Serviced lounge and meeting areas
  • A cafe
  • Free parking
  • Located in Cinco Ranch!

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To get into contact with Titan Business Suites, you can fill out our convenient contact form here. You may also call us and speak to one of our representatives at (281) 769-8181. That way, you can be told about all of our available plans and pricing. We are located in Cinco Ranch, with a beautiful corporate park out back and many convenient shops and eateries nearby. Now you have found the Katy TX Business Suites you need!

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