Houston TX executive offices

Titan Business Suits provides the best Houston TX executive offices. Houston, Texas is home to thousands of businesses, and Titan wants to be home to as many as possible as well. Titan Business Suites provides private office space, virtual services, and meeting rooms for businesses that may not have the room for it. Maybe you want to get the team out of the office and a change of scenery. Titan will be able to handle all of your business space needs. Our private office spaces work for small and large businesses. These spaces can be executive suites that are leased or rented virtual spaces. Sometimes virtual offices work better for everyone.

Private Office Space

Titan Business Suites has the best Houston TX executive offices for any size business. Each space is ready to move in. Our office leasing options are created to meet your business’ needs. Having the option of moving into a space that is already for you eliminates further hassle. You can get more work done without having to worry about a move. Our executive clients will be treated with 24-hour access to our business facilities. Our office spaces are easy to access and keep your business looking good.

Houston TX Office Space

Houston Executive Office Spaces

Standard office buildings can look bleak and dead. Titan is dedicated to making your office space look modern and full of life. Keeping your business’ image can be tough when dealing with rundown office buildings in the Houston area. Titan keeps its areas clean and well maintained. There is nothing to worry about when in the hands of Titan. Our lease plans are customizable and feature many great amenities. Below, you will find just a small number of features you will have access to when leasing office space with Titan Business Suits.

  •  High speed and reliable internet
  • Top-of-the-line phone services
  • 45% discount on FedEx services
  • Business cafe for clients and employees
  • Professional and polite receptionist service
  • Complimentary conference rooms
  • Numerous on-demand business services

Virtual Services

Titan’s virtual offices provide an office space perfect for those trying to get away from working at home. It is ideal for freelancers who may need to get out of the house to get work done. You will have access to a receptionist who handles all of your calls to your detailed specifications. You can feel like you are in the office while working remotely or for yourself. It is essential to keep that professionalism, and Titan Business Suits can do that for you. If you decided to go with Titan for your virtual workspace, then you will get up to 16 hours of private office space each month. Along with these amenities, you will also have the following.

  • Voicemail to email services
  • Discounted rates on meeting rooms
  • Professional phone number and address

Private Office Solutions

There are several other business services available to you if you request them, such as notary services, data entry, scheduling, and other receptionist duties. These amenities are perfect for you if you need a more professional look for your business or career.

Meeting Rooms

If you do not need an office space or a virtual space to work, you may need a meeting room to work in for some time. Meeting rooms are available to non-members and members of the Titan Business Suits. Our meeting rooms are paired with state-of-the-art equipment in case you need to make a conference or video call. These rooms are perfect for conference calls which also give access to video aids. The equipment, along with the room is great for meetings of all types.

Houston TX Office Space for Rent

Houston conference rooms for rent

All of our meeting rooms range in size so you can pick the right fit for your meeting. Our largest meeting room fits ten people. Furthermore, you can book a conference room for many different amounts of time. You can hold it for an hour, a day, or even a week. It is a great way to show reoccurring clients that you are professional, and it helps keep the same environment for those lengthy meetings. Our meeting rooms provide many amenities, but below are just a few.

  • HDMI hook-ups along with Apple adapters
  • Wi-Fi Available to you and Clients
  • HD screens for perfect video quality
  • Comfortable rooms, chairs, etc.

Why choose our Houston TX executive offices?

Titan’s executive office suite options are the best in Houston, Texas. Having a comfortable and professional space to work in is crucial. Many companies in the Houston area need affordable office spaces to work in. Titan Business Suites is the perfect place for it. We have a large number of options for each type of business regardless of the size or how small the budge it. Titan promises there is a space for your business in our office space. Like the aforementioned, we provide three types of space for varying businesses.

Our executive suites are always move-in ready and are decently priced for your companies budget. Tenants will have 24-hour access to their office space, and each suite is professional in how it looks and feels. Furthermore, businesses will have several features available at their fingertips. They are free to use all of these at their own will. Then, our virtual spaces are great to run your home business outside of your home. We allow 16 hours of private space every month, along with professional receptionist services. This kind of space will give your home business a more professional look while also boosting productivity. Lastly, our meeting rooms are equipped with the best equipment, so your video or conference call goes as smoothly as possible. You can reserve these rooms for several different lengths which helps you stay on task while working. These rooms are also available to non-members.

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Titan Business Suites is the best office space available in Houston, Texas. We can manage different-sized businesses, and you will have a slew of amenities as soon as you move in. We are the best option for office spaces. You can book your space today by visiting our website or calling (281) 769-8181. Titan Business Suites have the best Houston TX executive offices.

Fun facts about Houston, Texas

  • We are home to 3 professional sports teams
  • There are more than 3500 restaurants on Westheimer Rd alone
  • Houston’s business district, known as the Energy Corridor, has offices and headquarters of over 300 companies.
  • There are over 150 museums in the city.
  • For more information about Houston, visit here! ( http://www.houstontx.gov )