Houston TX Executive Suites Offices

Are you looking for Houston TX Executive Suites Offices where you can host your next business meeting? Titan Business Suites offer state of the art virtual office suites and private offices for businesspeople in the Houston area. We are located in an upscale business area, just off Grand Parkway. We’re conveniently located near Houston’s Energy Corridor, where more than 30,000 people go to work each day. Surely, some of your clients will be in the area. Furthermore, you’ll have access to thousands of new clients who could benefit from your services.

While you might be looking for a simple office space to hold a meeting, you might later realize that you need more. What happens if you travel all the way to your meeting and realize you forgot to print an important document? Does the virtual office you rented have high-speed internet or will you and your client have to awkwardly at a loading webpage for minutes? Does the office you’re planning to rent offer clerical services so that someone can help you with your business while you confer with clients? If you don’t rent an executive office from Titan Business Suites, you really can’t be sure.

Titan Office Suits offers a professional workspace, and so much more. Below, we’ll explain a few benefits of our executive suites and offices. When you want a full-service business space, you need Titan Business Suites. Plus, even if you relocate of need to conduct business out of the state, your contract with us goes with you! We have office space all over the United States. Travel across the globe and never have to worry about where you’ll hold your next event to impress clients and investors. There’s sure to be a Titan Business Suites near you.

Houston TX Executive Suites Offices

Houston TX Executive Suites Offices

Houston TX Executive Suites Offices Benefits

If you want more for your money, you need a virtual office space provider who goes above and beyond. We provide a pristine, secure space and take care of all janitorial responsibilities and utilities. However, we also offer a full range of additional services. While some are included in our packages, other services can be requested as needed. Therefore, you never pay for more than you need at Titan Business Suites. We have flexible terms and rates to accommodate businesses at any stage of growth.

Live Receptionist

You don’t have to stand eagerly at the front door, waiting for your client to arrive. Our receptionist will greet your client and make a great impression. If a client calls or needs direction, an administrative assistant will answer the phone and handle all calls. If you’re in the office, the receptionist can forward the call to you. Otherwise, you can take advantage of our voicemail to email technology or other forwarding options. When you get back to the suite, you can call using our office phone so that your own cell phone number stays private.

Our administrative assistants can do more for your business than answer phone calls. If you need filing done, don’t hire a personal assistant when you can rely on us. We’ll handle the tasks that distract you from more important business matters.

Mail Handling

One of the benefits of physical office space is the address. In fact, some important paperwork and online tools can’t be completed or used without an address. Instead of paying for a P.O. Box, which doesn’t suffice as a legitimate business address, use our address. You can put our location on your website, business cards, and more. In addition to receiving mail, you’ll get a great discount on FedEx services when you utilize our executive office space for rent.

Meeting Rooms

In addition to up to 16 hours of private office use, you’ll receive complimentary conference room use each month. Just like our executive office suite, our conference rooms have high-speed internet. In addition to wi-fi, our conference room and group workspaces have full connectivity. You can connect practically any computer or device to protect videos and presentations. Additionally, our rooms are secure and hold sound, so you can conduct meetings in full privacy.

Houston TX Executive Suites Offices

Great Houston Office Environment

Why You Need A Great Location

Out office space in Houston is in a great place for large and small businesses to thrive. Our office building is close to hundreds of other businesses in Houston’s business center. As one of the country’s most populated business districts, you’ll see an uptick in business success when you hold meetings here. Our Houston Executive offices stand out on their own, but being so close to so many blue-chip businesses certainly helps.

Do You Need A Conference Room?

We briefly mentioned our conference rooms earlier, but you might not be quite sure why you might need one. Perhaps at this time, your business is still very small and you usually don’t meet with more than one person at a time. Fortunately, that’s about to change. Furthermore, we can still provide a great space for you to conduct business when that happens. When you start holding shareholder meetings, you’ll want to use our conference rooms. In the meantime, consider holding a meeting for potential investors.

Invite a few people to your new physical business location at Titan Office Suites. You can meet with up to 16 people in our meeting rooms. We provide the perfect space for you to share your goals, progress, and plan. They’ll get the impression that your business is already showing signs of success and will be willing to invest in your bright future.

Houston TX Executive Suites Offices

Titan Business Suites

Call Us Today!

Titan Business Suites is perfect for your growing or expanding business. We’re a solution for small, mobile businesses that need a professional space but don’t want the commitment and responsibility of a permanent space. You’re always on the go and so is your business. Use any of our 1,000 offices across the country when you need to and work from home or at your favorite place when you don’t. Call us at (281) 769-8181 or contact us online to learn more about our services and rates. We have state of the art Houston TX Executive Suites Offices for your business needs.

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