Why you need a professional mailing address

Your small business buddies are right–there really are multiple reasons why you need a professional mailing address. From delivery issues to respect, the address for your business matters.

Delivery companies don’t like PO Boxes

It’s not that they hate PO boxes–they can’t open them. Since PO boxes are technically government property, only a federal employee can open them.

Why you need a professional mailing address

A business address shows investors and clients you have experience and a proven track record.

Delivery companies like FedEx and UPS accept delivery requests to PO boxes, but they won’t be the ones knocking on your door. They have to drop your package off at the nearest United States Postal Service (USPS). From there, USPS will deliver your package.

Why does that matter? Well, it’s no secret that post offices around the nation have lost a lot of employees and funding. Since there are fewer workers, deliveries are often slower.

In addition, your clients may have security concerns about sending a package to a PO box. There’s no receptionist to ensure you received their package.

Your street address will sound more business-like

Not to say that your home address doesn’t sound professional, but quite often, street names are rather cutesy. For example, Athena Court or Cleopatra Road is fun, but if you’re selling bottled water from Dry Creek Street, you may not garner the long-term respect you deserve.

Further, having an obvious office address makes clients feel more at ease. Customers may find home addresses mean sketchy businesses or very inexperienced owners.

It shows potential investors your serious

A business mailing address on a contact card speaks volumes. If you’re trying to partner up with another business owner, having both a private office and business address lets them know your company has both experience and a proven track record.

Vendors may not deliver

When you order in bulk, you’ll receive multiple large boxes. These can’t be easily delivered to a PO, and a vendor may not feel comfortable sending the product to a home address.

In addition, some vendors require proof of delivery. Not all deliveries come when scheduled, so you may miss a delivery. A private or virtual office would allow a secretary or other team member to sign for your package.

Why you need a professional mailing address

Titan offers virtual office services, which include a professional mailing address.

You can choose a virtual office

Maybe you’re not ready for or can’t afford a private office. There is an alternative to owning or renting a brick-and-mortar space: the virtual office.

In a virtual office, you’ll get delivery, mailing, and phone services without having to rent or lease a physical office space. In addition, you can use the building’s conference rooms when you need to.

Not everyone offers the luxury of a virtual office, but here at Titan, we do. If you’re ready to get a professional address, give us a call today.