What Mail Identity Service Can Do for You

When you rent a private office space or a virtual office, then you have the options to our mailing services. This amenity is one of the many that come with renting an office with Titan Business Suits. This will set up a private mailbox, allows you to get packages from FedEx for a fraction of the price. The package will be delivered to your office door, so there’s no need to go to the post office.

You might be wondering what will happen if you get a virtual office. Simple, we offer a digital mailbox service. Not only do these mailboxes have email services, but also you can set up a voicemail as well. This is the perfect way to keep all your mail clean and organized. This perk is followed up by the 45% discount that you get from FedEx.

Remote work

Virtual offices allow you to work from home!

The Safe Way

The virtual office personally takes out spam and other mail that is not needed or is not directed towards your business; with that being said, you will always get your packages on time and discounted. Regardless, if you pick an online office or in person, you have access to many amenities that most offices don’t give—for instance, your receptionist. Yes, you heard correctly, you will have your receptionist who will handle calls the way you want them to. This will increase your time and productivity while also saving money. When renting a virtual office space, you will have up to 16 hours per month, another benefit of renting with us.


Branding is essential when having your own business. And having a professional mail is one of the first steps to paving your way to success. Having mail come to you without the hassle of having to deal with spam gives you an immense feeling of power. Professional virtual mail is ideal for clients who are looking to hire you for your work. It is one of the main things clients look at, the professionalism of your brand, and how legitimate your work looks.

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