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It can be challenging for small companies to operate without a reliable Katy, TX business service center. Many employees are forced to work out of their homes, which can make focusing difficult.

Another severe setback from lacking an office space is handling customers and guests. Most business owners don’t want to bring potential business partners into their homes on short notice. Even with advanced notice, you may not feel comfortable bringing a client into your personal space. Home and work should be clearly separated to benefit your mental health, but how can you do this when you have to work in your home?

Katy, TX business service center

Use our Katy, TX business service center for your small business.

Finding the Right Office For You

The obvious solution is to invest in an office building. However, property costs are higher than ever, making it difficult for small businesses to afford a decent office space for their employees. Being in charge of an entire building can also be a daunting prospect – consider obstacles such as insurance fees, maintenance, and cleaning, and it starts to sound like more trouble than it’s worth.

Renting is a possible option for those who don’t want the burdens of property ownership. Still, many cheaper office suites lack convenient amenities such as Wi-Fi, access to copiers and printers, or even janitorial services. Making up for this extreme lack of necessities can cost you even more. Considering appearances, they also might not be very pleasant to look at or occupy.

Why not choose a rental space that includes all of the features that a good business office should have? If you’re interested in renting an office space with a comprehensive Katy, TX business service center for your company, choose Titan Business Suites.

Private Offices at our Katy, TX Business Service Center

Our private office space and commercial real estate lease options are designed to meet the needs of your business and fit your budget, too. We offer flexible lease terms that ensure any business, big or small, can utilize our spaces. Renters are granted full 24-hour access to the facilities, allowing you to work when necessary and have a comfortable room to do so.

Business owners hoping to impress clients will have difficulty wowing their guests if their only available office space is inside a portable building. Customers may also be wary of visiting if your location is remote or in a less-popular part of town. You can avoid both of these problems by choosing Titan Business Suites. We offer a rental site located in a busy, bustling part of the city with excellent facilities and services.

Titan Business Suites provides move-in-ready offices in the stylish Cinco Ranch area for you and your employees. Each private suite comes fully furnished, meaning there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on desks, tables, and cabinets. Get back to business immediately with a quick setup, allowing you to finally work in a peaceful, modern setting free of distractions. Just bring your employees and your computers, and you’re all set.

Katy, TX business service center

Enjoy fully-furnished offices that are ready to use.

Benefits of Our Rental Offices

Not only can you save money by renting one of our business offices instead of buying one, but there are plenty of other benefits to choosing Titan Business Suites for your office needs, such as:

  • Access to thousands of our meeting rooms and touchdown offices worldwide
  • A professional receptionist for welcoming clients and answering phone calls
  • Up to 300 square feet of space for each office
  • On-site fax, copy, and scan services
  • Monthly complimentary conference room usage
  • Business cafe for you and your guests to enjoy for no additional cost
  • Janitorial and utility services
  • Flexible lease terms
  • State-of-the-art telephone equipment featuring voicemail to e-mail options
  • Up to 45% discount on FedEx services
  • On-demand services such as notary, data entry, appointment scheduling, copying, scanning, and filing
  • Mail services and forwarding

Virtual Services

If your home office situation isn’t nearly as dire as it is for some folks, you may feel comfortable choosing our virtual services. These are much more affordable and offer many of the same amenities you receive from renting a physical office.

Enjoy the flexibility and perks of a physical address that keeps essential aspects of work in one place while you enjoy your private life in another. Your virtual office boasts many of the same benefits as a private office rental, including the following:

  • Mail service and a professional business address
  • Contactless mailbox service using our app
  • Local telephone number
  • Receptionist services
  • Private office usage
  • 60% discount on conference rooms
  • 45% discount on any FedEx services
  • Notary services
  • Mail receiving and forwarding

Not sure which rental service is right for you? Check our pricing page for more details on the services we offer. It features a helpful chart highlighting the available features in different price ranges. Do you only need mail service and a physical address? Or perhaps you want telephone and receptionist services instead? No matter which kind of setup your business needs, we have affordable options for you.

Katy, TX business service center

Get the space you need for meetings by renting one of our conference rooms.

Meeting Rooms

Whether you’re a rental customer or not, members and non-members can take advantage of our gorgeous meeting spaces and conference rooms. Host your meetings and guests in a comfortable, private space that offers access to visual aids and conference calls. Rent a meeting room for as little as an hour, or lease a room monthly. Whatever your business needs, our meeting rooms are sure to please!

When you rent one of our conference spaces, you’ll enjoy access to the following:

  • Room for up to 10 co-workers or clients
  • Wi-Fi for you and your guest(s)
  • An HD screen for display purposes with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Glass dry erase boards for notes
  • Access to our friendly staff services and our gourmet coffee bar

Titan Business Suites has everything you need to create a comfortable, convenient atmosphere for you and your employees. Bring your business to a lively part of town and enjoy the amenities you need for a successful day’s work. Contact us if you have additional questions about our services, or check out our helpful FAQ for more information.

Trust Titan Business Suites as a reliable Katy, TX business service center.

Fun Facts for Katy, TX:

  • Katy’s Independent School District was formed in 1918.
  • Katy is known for hosting many geese during their annual migration.
  • The earliest name for the community was Cane Island.