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Katy TX virtual officing is a growing service for anyone with their own business. Virtual offices offer state of the art services while providing you with the freedom you desire.

When running a business, you want the luxuries of having an office. However, the overhead can be pricey, and on top of it all, you have a commute. Commuting to and from work will take precious time away from doing what you love. By getting a virtual office, you can have all the bonuses of a regular business address but with more time for your business.

With Titan Business Suits, you can have amenities, including a private office, a live receptionist for call answering. You will also have access to multiple conference rooms worldwide. We are your perfect virtual office solution.

But other than no commute and more freedom, what are some other benefits to having a virtual office?

Employees Are More Active

A study was done by the University of Sydney that concluded sitting at a desk for more than 11 hours a day increased the risk of death by 40%. This was regardless of other activities. Employees will naturally be more healthy and happier when they’re not chained to a desk.

This means more long term employees and less turnover. The happier your team, the more work will get done. This is why you will need Katy TX virtual officing.

Fewer Vacation Days

With more flexibility, there will be less need for vacation days. Without a static schedule, you can attend parent-teacher meetings or help a family member. There won’t be any need to request time off because you can make up the time later.

You can better manage your time because the schedule is in your hands.

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Worldwide Talent

Sometimes pulling people to come into a local office can be difficult. Depending on where your office space is located, you may have to pay more to have them drive-in.

The cost of gas is expensive, and the national average for miles has gone up to 58 cents a mile. Covering the cost for employees to drive into work can get costly. Instead, you could have Katy TX virtual officing.

Since there isn’t a physical location, there’s no relocation. You can hire employees from all over the world.

If they have what it takes to complete the job, then you can offer it to them. You won’t have to ask for them to relocate or help pay for any relocation fees. They can just work from home and get you the results you need.

Worldwide talent also means having a bigger pool to pull from. That friend from college can now work with you even though they are across the country. You can have your dream employees instead of being forced to choose from who’s available in your area. Sometimes your dream employees aren’t in your area, so being able to expand your horizons is a fantastic luxury.

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Save Money

Be anywhere you want to be when you need to be. There’s no office lease demanding you stay in a specific place for six months to a year.

Plus, because a virtual office location isn’t a brick and mortar space, there are no utilities. You won’t be using up electricity, garbage, sewer, or water. Utilities are a big part of having a regular storefront.

Another bonus is that you won’t have to spend as much on technology. Bring your technology is quickly making its way into the business world.

Working remotely will allow employees to have the technology they prefer. Then they are responsible for upgrading it when they want. There are some cyber risks when implementing the bring your technology system. However, those risks can be easily minimized through a password and monitoring tool.

Between these money-saving bonuses, you’ll end up with larger profit margins. That means you’ll have the ability to bring prices down for clients and invest more in employees. Ultimately, this will help your business to top your competitors who have brick and mortar offices.

Increased Productivity

Instead of monitoring time, you will naturally have to switch to monitoring established goals. This tactic will increase productivity and drive success.

If employees meet or exceed their goals, then they get to keep their jobs. If they don’t, you’ll see it immediately. This will allow you to know who your best employees are and only spend money on the ones who are worth it.

Having a virtual office will also decrease office drama that can come from having a group of people under one roof. This will reduce turnover and, overall, make your employees happier.


Having a home-based business can appear less professional to some. Although, that is how everyone has to start. Regular office spaces are expensive and tend to be more of a burden than a help when starting.

To have the best of both worlds, you can have a virtual office. Virtual meeting spaces will help add to the legitimacy of your business. Clients tend to be privy to locations that have an office space. So, having a Katy TX virtual officing will help your business boom.

Scale Up

Another profit drainer is scaling up a business as it grows. The more employees you get, the more furniture you’ll need. Virtual offices give you the ability to hire as many new employees as you please.

Since they all work from home, there will be no need to invest in furniture or technology. Space won’t be an issue either. Everyone will have enough space and comfort to be productive, which is precisely what you want.

Find Your Katy TX virtual officing

Titan Business Suites has everything you need when looking for a virtual office.  We have discounted rates for meeting rooms, and a 45% discount on FedEx services. Our services also include a local phone number and receptionist to take client calls.

To know more about our services, give us a call at (281) 769-8181. Or visit our website for virtual services and testimonials. Bring quality and prestige to your business. Allow us to be your Katy TX virtual officing service.

Katy Texas Fun Facts

  • Katy’s original name was Cane Island
  • Katy Texas is 30 minutes away from Houston
  • Katy’s annual Rice Festival was first held in 1981
  • For more Katy fun facts visit us