Katy TX Mail Forwarding Business

Katy TX mail forwarding business is a great amenity to have when you are running a business in a rented office space. Titan Business Suites provides this service along with numerous other great amenities our tenants can opt-in and out of. Business owners want the best for their company, so having a modern space to work out can benefit.
Titan Business Suites are fantastic suite options for any sized business. Each of our tenants have access to various services that will significantly benefit the way they work in our rental spaces. Furthermore, we have multiple services for non-tenants, such as meeting rooms. This is an excellent option for businesses needing an affordable, stylish location to conduct business.
Additionally, we have virtual workspaces for those looking to add a business address to their freelance work or out-of-home business. Our virtual offices have several amenities anyone would take great advantage of. Virtual spaces are great to have a physical office location. It provides a professional look than a home address, and you can benefit from the amenities that come with it, such as postal services and a live receptionist. Our address in Katy, Texas, is an exceptional place to have your business.

Private Office Spaces

Katy Business Mail Address

Private offices are great for any sized business.

The location of a business is crucial, so finding the right place with the right look can be a challenge. Titan Business Suites has ready-to-move-in options that look professional and modern. Private offices have full 24-hour access to our business facilities along with a package of amenities.

We know we have office spaces for big and small businesses. When you move into Titan Business Suites, you will have access to our 1000 plus meeting and touchdown office spaces. These spaces can be reserved for an hour, a day, or a week. This gives businesses a professional look when working with clients.

Renting space with us also adds several services that will keep your business running smoothly. These include high-speed internet, state-of-the-art telephone equipment, and email options, janitorial services, a live receptionist who can receive calls for you, and printing services. These options provide our tenants with essential company need to stay on top of their own business.

Our mailing services will also keep your business running smoothly. We can handle and mail and packages that come your way. Private mailbox rentals are available for our tenants, so receiving mail is easier than ever. One big bonus our tenants receive is a 45% discount on FedEx services. Saving money is huge when running a business, and we want to make that easier for you. Katy TX mail forwarding business is essential when running a business.

Lastly, we have a business cafe on-site for you and your clients to enjoy. You are welcome to coffee, espresso, latte’s, cappuccinos, tea, and so much more. This is a great way to wow your clients when they come in for a meeting. Plus, it never hurts to have coffee close by.

Virtual Services

Katy TX Virtual Office Receptionist

Katy TX Virtual Office Receptionist

If you are a freelancer or work out of your home in general, then you may have difficulty keeping your private life away from your professional life. Luckily Titan Business Suites has an option for you. Our virtual office and address services give clients the benefits of having a professional business address. This option gives clients several amenities that they can take advantage of.

Tenants will have access to a private office for up to 16 hours a month. These hours can be used for how you wish. Maybe you have a client meeting, or you want to get a little work done, regardless, you will have a space to work out of. These tenants will also have the option of our meeting rooms. Remember, this amenity is available to non-tenants as well.

One of the biggest benefits of this virtual office space is having access to a professional receptionist. The receptionist will take your calls on how you see fit and will take your instructions on how to handle your calls. Having a receptionist eases the stress you have when working so you can get more work done.

Finally, you will also have a professional business address to send your clients to, have mail and packages delivered to, and a 45% discount on FedEx services. Keep your private life and professional life away from each other by renting out virtual office space at Titan Business Suites.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms with numerous amenities

Meeting Rooms

Having a space to conduct a meeting is essential when running a business. Fortunately for members and non-member fo the Titan Business Suites, we have several meeting rooms they can rent out. ur meeting room range in size with a max of ten people. They feature high-definition televisions with HDMI hook-ups and Mac adapters for Apple users.

As we have mentioned before, our meeting rooms are accessible to anyone needing them. You do not have to have a rented space in our building to access these rooms. All you have to do is schedule the space for a certain time. You will then have access to our coffee bar, high-speed Wi-Fi, and other staff services.

Katy TX Mail Forwarding Business is Essential

We know how important it is to find a fitting space for your business. Let Titan Business Suites help you out with our ready-to-move-in spaces and the numerous amenities that come with it. If you need to keep your professional and private life apart, then our virtual or private office spaces are a great option. You will have all sorts of amenities to opt-in or out of. Tenants will also have exceptional mail services to benefit them every day.

Our spaces are perfect for any sized business. Our Katy Texas, the address is located ideally in the Houston area. We think you will find our facilities modern and the best of the best. If you are interested in reserving a space for us or want more questions, then call our phone number at (281) 769-8181. You may also visit our website to learn more information about our services. We would be happy to have you because we know Katy TX mail forwarding business is essential for many.

Fun Facts about Katy

  • Katy first held its continuing annual Rice Festival in 1981.
  • Katy was once known as the rice capital of the world. There is an annual rice festival every fall.
  • Many events are hosted at Katy’s VFW Park, including movie nights and community campouts.
  • Find more fun facts about Katy here.