Katy Texas Virtual Office Space

Did you know that Titan Business Suites provides Katy Texas virtual office space that will help you take your business to the next level? Titan provides more than a physical location for your business. Though having an office definitely comes with its own perks, that’s not all there is to running a successful business. As an on-the-go business owner, you probably already know that. That’s why we provide all of the conveniences of a physical space, without tying you to a single location for a definite amount of time. Our flexible virtual office plans include amenities such as a free coffee bar for your guests, assistance with clerical work, and even a live receptionist at your service. Keep reading below to learn more about the many conveniences afforded to you when you reserve one of our impressive Titan Business Suites.

Katy Texas Virtual Office Space

Katy TX Private Virtual Office Location

State of the Art Katy Texas Virtual Office Space

First, let’s talk physical location. Titan Business Suites is located within the Energy Corridor, Houston’s leading business center for energy companies and more. With direct access to nearly half a million business people on a daily basis, our location opens doors for you in more ways than one. Our office space serves not only as a meeting space, but a lead generator in itself. Many of your potential clients may already conduct business in the area and will appreciate the short travel distance.

If your clients are farther from the area, you’ll find that Titan likely has a solution for your business needs. When you elect to utilize the services at our Katy TX location, you actually get access to thousands of virtual office spaces around the world. Adaptability and customer satisfaction will become key tenants of your business model, thanks to the ease at which you can schedule meetings in many different locations.

Our building itself leaves a lasting impression on all prospective and current clients. You’ll find the latest technology in our offices, including communication and presentation equipment. Each private office can comfortably seat up to three, and if more space is needed, you’ll find our meeting rooms more than fitting.

Private Office Space

You can reserve up to sixteen hours of private office use monthly, depending on the plan you select. For most business people in need of a virtual office, this is more than sufficient. In fact, many make do with less. To choose the perfect amount of private office time for you, consider your work style. Do you prefer to work outside of the office, or do you depend on a professional location to keep you focused? Our offices are designed to help you maintain the highest levels of professionalism and productivity, and we can make adjustments to the time allotment to fit your needs.

Each office comes with its own immaculate furniture, as well as a phone for you to take and send calls directly. Our live receptionist will forward calls to you while you’re in the office, and take your messages when you’re out and about.

Conference Rooms

Titan Business Suites conference rooms are the perfect place to hold larger meetings, or even smaller sessions if you have an infrequent need for a professional meeting space. Perhaps you have a particular client who prefers to stay within the area, or you only take 1-2 meetings per month. Our reservation options for conference rooms are as flexible as our private office plans. If you also use a private office to do your work, you’ll receive discounts on conference room rental. Alternatively, you can reserve as needed.

Our conference rooms comfortably seat up to ten people, including yourself. There are hundreds of different uses for our shared office space, from employee orientation to quarterly board meetings. Everyone in the conference room will have access to our high-speed internet, TV equipment, and telephone for conference calls. Reservation time allotments range from as little as 1 hour to as long as 1 week. Click here to learn more about our meeting rooms.

Katy TX Virtual Office Space

Large Virtual Conference Rooms Katy

Virtual Office Services

You’ve probably heard the advice, “don’t judge based on appearances.” Titan Business Suites takes that suggestion to heart. While we offer beautiful, professional office spaces from the inside out, we also put care into our other offers. If you need more than a stunning office, you’ll find everything you need at Titan.

Live Receptionist

A virtual assistant can only do so much. Our live receptionist will be at the front desk to warmly welcome and direct your clients or new employees. If someone calls for directions, they’ll receive sound information from a person who actually drives here to work each day. Our receptionist can help you run your business more smoothly by holding or redirecting calls, answering simple questions about your business, and even handling your needed clerical work.

Administrative Assistance

If you run a solo or small business, you probably bear the burden of handling all of the small things yourself. As you very well know, the administrative work that a business requires can take a lot of time out of your workday. Instead of relegating yourself to free overtime work, just let us know what you need. Our clerical staff can take care of your filing, scanning, copying, data entry, mail services, and more.

Mailing Address

Our physical location provides more than a place to hold meetings and get work done. We also allow you to use our mailing address for your business needs. From business cards to tax filings, our commercial business address is a more effective alternative to renting a P.O. box or using your home address. You’ll also get at 45% discount on all FedEx services when you work at Titan Business Suites.

Virtual Business Address

Katy TX Virtual Office Solution

Call Us For Virtual Office Space & Virtual Services

Titan Business Suites looks forward to helping you find the perfect office solution for your business, whether you are in need of our space or our services. Contact our Katy Texas Virtual Office Space today by clicking here or by dialing (281) 769-8181.

Katy TX Fun Facts

  • Home of the annual Rive Festival.
  • Near the Energy Corridor and many energy company headquarters.
  • Once a prime location for bird migration.
  • Click here to learn more.