Touchdown Spaces for Smaller Businesses

As we move further into a technological age, touchdown spaces are becoming more prevalent. A touchdown space is an area with ample internet access. It allows you and your team members to work efficiently from your laptops. It can be a private office, conference room, or collaborative space.

More and more businesses are replacing traditional assigned spaces with these touchdown spaces. Some larger businesses opt to turn lounges and waiting areas into touchdown spaces. It allows their team members to work anywhere, even when waiting for guests. Touchdown spaces can also serve as creative spaces that increase productivity.

Touchdown Spaces for Smaller Businesses

Touchdown spaces are helpful for smaller businesses too.

For smaller businesses, you may be entirely online or frequently on the move. Part of your business may still be partially based in your home. A touchdown space can allow you to focus on work comfortably.

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A touchdown space doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. These spaces should allow you to answer your phone, check emails, conduct brief meetings with a team member, etc. As mentioned before, they can appear as several different spaces. Some may be waiting or welcome areas; others are meeting rooms or lounge areas.

Even smaller businesses can make use of touchdown spaces. You can convert what space you have into small touchdown areas. If you own your office building, you can transform your waiting areas into touchdown spaces. Or, you can rearrange your furnishings around, so it’s easier for your team members to exchange ideas.

Touchdown spaces don’t need any fancy furnishings. Anything that doesn’t need too many adjustments will work well. It’s also better to emphasize fluid movement, and pull-up seating fits that requirement. And, of course, ensuring that your team members have access to power and Wi-Fi is another requirement.

If you have a virtual office space with Titan Business Suites, we offer various touchdown spaces. You can use them when you need to work in a comfortable space for a brief portion of your day. We have available offices, meeting rooms, and lounges that you can use to touch base with your team members or clients.

Touchdown Spaces for Smaller Businesses

Enjoy a quick coffee break in one of our lounges.

Sit down in one of our comfortable office chairs that allow you to focus on your work. You’ll have access to high-speed business-class Internet. Not to mention, we also have lounge areas with on-site cafes where you can enjoy a quick pick-me-up.

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Whether you want to convert some of your current space or use what’s available, Titan Business Suites can help. We have thousands of meeting rooms and touchdown office spaces worldwide. Call us today to learn more about how you can use our touchdown spaces to your advantage. Or, visit our location to see for yourself.

Use touchdown spaces to better transition between one work spot to another. Or briefly settle down in a touchdown space between meetings to handle any work before moving on. Any business’ productivity can benefit from touchdown spaces.