The Future of the Workplace

Wondering what the future of the workplace will look like? You might think that how everyone views the traditional office space is dead, and you’d be right! After a year like 2020, the ideal traditional office has been brushed aside and left in the dust. Goodbye to the watercooler, no more fighting over fridge space for lunch, and never again will the sight of an empty coffee pot ruin your day.

Katy, TX The Future of the Workplace

The more pillows you have, the more productive you’ll be… right?

This also means so long to the joy of seeing clients in person. No more will your day be brightened by decorating your desk. Gone are the days laughing with coworkers without a computer lagging at the punchline.

Because the future of the workplace will be filled with interruptions by pets scratching at the door. We shall all be confined to screens asking the same question ten times until we’ve realized we’ve been on mute the whole time. Our backgrounds will display our growing pillow or plant collections. And eventually, the line of being at home and being at work will blur to the point where sleep will also be a thing of the past…

Just Kidding!

We kid, of course, because in some ways, the traditional office is indeed dead. But this new wave of remote working is not as great as it might seem. Remote work might give you the freedom to wear pj’s and not leave your room, but it can have a negative effect on other parts of your life and the quality of your work.

Working solely through a screen can take away from the structure that an in-person office can bring. That structure can be critical for some people in keeping them productive and on track while they work. Second, that structure can benefit your social life and other interpersonal interactions.

Or Are We? *Wink-Wink*

Still, the traditional office should not be a ball and chain around your foot. The day in and day out office shuffle should not make you dread work the next day. This is something we can help with at our Titan Business Suites! Flexibility is key in finding the happy medium between what remote work is and what office space should be.

Katy, TX The Future of the Workplace

Let’s help you get back to work the way you want to work!

Check out the leasing options we offer; we’ll never lock you into a long-term contract you don’t want. You’ll have all the benefits and structure of a traditional office space, including amenities at great prices. But still, maintain the fluidity of being able to change your pace and location if you decide to go remote for a while.

While the pandemic threw a wrench in the traditional ideals of what the workplace could be, it didn’t kill the idea of office space. We are always changing and evolving; it’s only natural that our workplace should reflect that. Give us a call today, or visit our Katy, TX location. We can’t wait to help move your business towards the future!