The Flexibility of Virtual Offices Helps Boost Productivity

Have you been looking into ways you can increase profit and lower costs for your business? This is a constant goal in the minds of every business owner. But the formula for lowering your costs and maintaining worker productivity is always changing. For businesses just starting out, we have the perfect solution.

The Flexibility of Virtual Offices Helps Boost Productivity

Coming up with a plan to increase both profit and productivity can be hard. But it is achievable with virtual offices.

What Has Changed In The Past 3 Years?

Since the spring of 2020, the world has changed dramatically. A lot of families lost the original routine of things and had to adapt rather quickly. Most of these changes have been unfavorable, but not all.

Remote and hybrid work was a great solution to the constant changes we had to deal with in the early months of the pandemic. And this shift has led to lower costs and increased profits for most business owners.

Based on a research study conducted by the Pew Research Center, most of the population chooses to work from home even when they don’t have to. In October 2020, most workers (64%) were working from home because of a lack of physical workplace.

Fast-forward to January 2022, this sentiment has shifted. More people (61%) started to actually prefer working from home rather than being forced into the situation.

What About Worker Satisfaction And Productivity?

But has this affected productivity? You’ll receive varying responses based on the source you’re looking at. But the general consensus is that more workers are willing to stay at a job that offers flexibility and understanding.

In 2022, Forbes conducted several studies to look at how hybrid and remote work have affected the general public. According to findings, around ¾ of participants responded that their work-life balance has improved due to said flexibility. And 88% of participants mentioned that flexibility in their work environment has led to higher job satisfaction.

Looking back at 2021, a study on 800 employers nationwide found that 94% of employers have said that productivity has not only maintained but has rather increased for some.

The Flexibility of Virtual Offices Helps Boost Productivity

It is much easier to make plans with our virtual services.

This Is The Solution

If you want to increase your employee’s productivity and satisfaction, it’s time to look into virtual office spaces. Titan Business Suites is the perfect source of virtual services, meeting rooms, private offices, and more. Just as employees prefer flexibility over other qualities at work, we believe that business owners feel the same.

With our virtual office spaces and meeting rooms, you won’t have to worry about rent, parking spaces, utilities, and other amenities. Your employees will also be more satisfied with saving close to $5,000 a year on commute.

Our virtual services package includes mail forwarding and receiving, receptionist service, appointment scheduling, and data entry service. Call us or visit our office in Katy to find out more about what we offer.