Small Company, Big Image

When you have a start-up company, it can be difficult to get clients to your business. Being a small company in a sea of millions of other companies often leads you to get overshadowed by some of the larger and more established companies. But what if there was a way to appear bigger than you actually are. While it may only be you working out of your living room, or garage, you can make it appear as if you had an entire company at your disposal.

Small Company, Big Image

Getting your business to stand out from others is one of the most challenging parts of being a business owner. You can help your business by looking bigger than you are.

When clients shop, there is a reason many flock to the larger and more well-known companies. When people say the names Wal-Mart, Amazon, or Exxon, they know these companies. People know what they do and can trust they are creditable businesses. While not everyone shops with these companies, there are not many who do not know the name. That is because they have a large image. With small companies, unless you are a customer, you probably would not know their name or what they do.

Creating an image is all part of creating a brand. How do you want to come across to your clients? Do you want to come across as someone who works out of a garage, or do you want clients to think of you as a business professional? Believe it or not, your address can have an impact on how your brand looks to clients. It can even make or break the amount of traffic you get. If people are looking for a mechanic, they do not want to go to someone’s house for mechanical services. While you may have a nice home office, clients are not comfortable doing their taxes in a stranger’s living room. Your business may get passed over due to not coming across as a larger and well-established business.

Small Company, Big Image

Having a professional office space can offer your clients the reassurance that you are, in fact, an authentic business.

Increase Your Traffic With a Bigger Brand

When you call Titan Business Suites, you have the opportunity to enlarge your image. Having a business address, utilizing a receptionist, and taking advantage of our rental offices can create the illusion that your business is bigger than it actually is. You may still be your only employee. However, your clients will get the sense that you are a creditable business that has experience in the services they are looking for. While you may already have the credibility and experience, clients want reassurance when searching through businesses. Your large image for your small business can be exactly what they need to trust you.

When clients see a business address, they will not think that you operate out of your home. If clients hear your receptionist answer your phone, they will think they are calling an office building instead of your residence. Moreover, when you meet with clients, you can meet in a professional office. clients can feel more relaxed about investing in your services, thus, helping you create more revenue.