Katy TX Office Space Share

Are you a home-based business owner looking for a Katy TX Office Space Share? At Titan Busines Suites, you can book our beautiful, modern conference rooms by the hour, day, or week. Our meeting spaces are big enough for coworkers to work side by side. Your clients will be impressed with the amenities we have to offer. You will maintain a professional image and have everything you need in one place. When you need a temporary space to meet with multiple people comfortably, you should consider Titan Business Suites office space listings.

Private Offices or Conference Rooms?

Private offices are best when you need a workplace that is separate from home to carry out your independent tasks. You can meet with individual clients, take calls on a designated office phone, and complete all of your online tasks using our high-speed internet. Our private offices are completely furnished, and you don’t have to worry about utilities or cleaning service because they are already included in our price.

On the other hand, a conference room is beneficial when you need to meet with more than two people at one time. For example, you may give a presentation to a group of partners. Our conference rooms have Wi-Fi, glass erases boards, screens to display graphics, and connectivity capability for both Windows and Mac computers.

Both our private offices and our conference rooms allow access to various shared services. You, as well as your clients or co-workers, can enjoy our coffee bar. At Titan Business Suites, we can also complete multiple administrative functions, such as filing, copying/scanning, and mail services. You’ll also not only have access to our Katy TX location. If you need to meet in another city, we have service offices worldwide.

What if you don’t know for sure what you’ll need? The truth is, you can have both. Many businesses require both a private space for the supervisor and also space for co-workers to meet or work. Monthly complimentary conference room usage is permitted with private office rental. If you need more access to our conference rooms, we can arrange that. Our lease terms are flexible. Titan Business Suites is confident that we can provide the arrangement you need to run your business efficiently, at a price you can afford.

Katy TX Office Space Share

Katy TX Conference Rooms

How You Could Benefit From Our Katy TX Office Space Share

A conference room at Titan Business Suites practically pays for itself. The professional image that a state of the art meeting space provides goes a long way. Your clients will take you more seriously. Your co-workers will come in, ready to focus and get to work. The atmosphere can affect how efficiently you can handle business. Working from home can be difficult for some. There are so many other responsibilities within reach, such as cooking, cleaning, or taking care of kids or pets. Meeting at a cafe or coffee shop can be distracting. There are loud noises and constant interruptions. Sometimes you can get better results from co-workers and clients just by doing business in a more professional space.

Titan Business Suites also saves you money. The alternative is to rent your own office space and pay for utilities. With that, you also have to purchase furniture. You’ll need a decent printer and office supplies. In addition to the employees you’ve already hired, you’ll need an administrative assistant to handle clerical tasks. Fortunately, Titan Business Services eliminates all of those expenses. We include everything you absolutely need in the cost, and you can tack on additional services as desired for a nominal fee. Save yourself the money and the stress by using Titan Business Services to hold your occasional office meetings for your home-based business.

Katy TX Office Space Share

Best Katy TX Shared Office Space

Different Ways To Use A Meeting Room

Conferences. You may want to meet with your co-workers to discuss a large account. Your non-profit needs to hold a formal meet-and-greet for your donors. Perhaps you’d like to host a week-long educational or promotional event. Our high-end office buildings send the message that you care about presentation and can raise your minimum asking price without you ever having to ask.

Training/Orientation. You have employees that will work remotely, but you must train them first. It’s time-consuming to teach each person individually. At Titan Business Services, you can display information on our high-definition screens and train everyone at one time. You can rent our conference room for however long you expect training to take, and when finished, you don’t have to keep paying for a space you’ll hardly ever use again.

Meetings with clients or board members. Quarterly reports are in, and you have to do a presentation. You’re meeting with a huge potential client with a lot of people in charge of the various branches of their company. You want to pitch a new idea to a group instead of meeting with each person one-on-one. Save everyone time, energy, and money by gathering everyone in one place. Our conference rooms provide comfort as well as privacy as you discuss sensitive matters.

Katy TX Office Space Share

Virtual Office Space Katy TX

Benefits of Doing Business at Titan Office Suites

You don’t need to purchase or rent a commercial property for your business. Instead, lease one of our offices or rent one of our conference needs on an as-needed basis. We are located off the Katy Freeway near the Energy Corridor, a busy business center in the Houston area. This convenient location provides access to many businesses, clients, and services that can help your business grow. Call us at (281) 769-8181 or contact us here to learn more about our flexible leasing options. We provide real estate for your business to get work done and keep a professional reputation. If you need a Katy TX office space, share one of our meeting rooms with your co-workers or rent a private office today.

Fun Facts About Katy, Texas

  • The Name Katy comes from the “K-T Railroad” that runs through the city.
  • Hundreds of geese and wild birds would migrate to Katy TX each year. There are many statues of geese around Katy.
  • Katy first held its continuing annual Rice Festival in 1981.
  • Learn more about Katy, TX here.