Katy Texas Shared Office Space

Are you in need of Katy Texas Shared Office Space? Titan Business Suites can fulfill that need. Most private business owners do not have the benefit of having a commercial office or even their own building. This is increasingly common with the rise of independent entrepreneurs and online marketing. Within the last generation, we have seen businesses be born online, foregoing the need for a commercial building. Whatever your line of business is, having an office space available can increase your productivity and ability to conduct formal business. If you are not working within the formal confines of a business, our offices can benefit freelancers and contractors as well.

In the case that you have clients, co-workers, or need to conduct interviews, you will need an office. Imagine being a client and arriving to meet your potential representative at a casual location. You need to show everyone participating in the process that you are serious about what you do.

In this article, we will discuss how having an office space can benefit your line of work, how you can be more productive, and the amenities Titan can provide you with to best expand your business.

Katy Texas Shared Office Space

If you are looking for office spaces in Katy, Titan Business Suites should be your first option. Besides providing world-class amenities, we provide wonderful customer service and 24/7 access to your office. We are conveniently located near Katy freeway in a respectable business center. Flexible terms and fair pricing will mean you can get the most out of a deal with our company. We also offer free access to our conference rooms when you are renting one of our office spaces. Working out of Titan Business Suites is the best way to conduct your professional business.

Let’s look at some situations which may require you to rent office space.

We want to help you be more productive

The First Scenario

Let’s say that you and your colleagues have decided to start a reputable marketing business together. So far, you have all been working outside of your home, but working from home is disrupting both your home and work life. While at home, you are distracted by the chores that need to be done and your family members. This is decreasing your productivity, and your family members feel odd with your coworkers being there all the time. You need to be able to separate these aspects of your life. You and your colleagues contact Titan to rent shared office space so that everyone can be at peace once more.

The Second Scenario

You are an independent contractor who creates graphics for many clients. Up until now, you have been working in a family member’s home office for access to their high-speed internet. However, the internet isn’t as high-speed as you need it to be, and the desk is too crowded to work on efficiently. You consider renting from an office building so that you can perform properly.

The Third Scenario

You have a comfortable home office with all the virtual capabilities you need for your online business. However, you have some perspective business partners who want to meet you and discuss your potential to work together. You need a space you can bring them that will make a good impression while allowing you to share your work and ideas with each other. If you bring them to one of our office spaces or conference rooms for a meeting, they will be impressed with your professionalism.

If you see yourself in any of the above scenarios, you should contact Titan immediately about our commercial property and how you can access our office space.

The Benefits of Renting Office Space at Titan

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Our private offices are more than just offices. Titan boasts a full range of enviable amenities and benefits you can add on to your package. Let’s discuss some of them so you can properly assess your needs.

Equipment Access

When you are working out of Titan Business Suites, you gain access to much-needed office equipment. This includes industrial printers, copiers, and scanners, along with telephone equipment to conduct your calls. If you would like someone else to conduct your filing and printing for you, that is a potential add-on.

Your Own Receptionist

We highly recommend you add this service to your package with us. We will provide your office with a receptionist to answer your calls. They can even perform data entry, appointment scheduling, mail services, and notary services at your request. An administrative assistant could be invaluable to you.

Our Lovely Cafe!

You and your guests will have access to our business cafe for no additional cost. This way, you can enjoy your favorite caffeinated beverages while hard at work. We have no doubt that your guests especially will love this option. You can be served cappuccinos and tea while discussing your business opportunities.

Discounts and Worldwide Offices

We offer our clients up to 45% off  FedEx services. We also have thousands of office buildings worldwide that you may access if you need to travel. Traveling to meet a client? Take them to Titan Business Suites and impress them with your professionalism.

Contacting Titan

Titan Business Suites

Are you ready to contact Titan? We are certainly ready to hear from you. If you would like to fill out a contact form, visit this link. To speak to a representative, call (281) 769-8181. You may also visit our commercial property in Cinco Ranch to witness what our offices have to offer for yourself. After speaking to a representative and signing up, you will have the Katy Texas Shared Office Space you need!

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