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Titan Business Suites conference room in Houston are unparallel. When it comes to prestige and professionalism, our leasing spaces are top-notch. Board rooms can be tricky to organize. First, you have to consider everyone’s schedule in the office room. Then, you have to determine when you all sync up to conduct your meeting. Finally, you have to make sure the conference room is not occupied. If it is, you have to reschedule and start the tedious process all over again.

By using our services at Titan Business Suites, you can kick this inconvenient method out of the window. Why waste time rescheduling, when you can lease one of our conference room spaces? Houston meetings are already another job in and of itself. Why make it harder with unnecessary canceling and scheduling patterns? Our conference centers are here for you to rent at your leisure. Take advantage of some of the features our spaces have to offer!

Features of Conference Rooms in Houston

With the ability to conduct conference calls, visual aids on hand, and facilitating meetings, our spaces are centered toward your needs. Professionalism is critical in an office environment or business. We understand your requirements and work tirelessly to think about all the amenities you’d need for your meetings. A range of the features we offer include:

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  • Access to thousands of meeting rooms and office space worldwide
  • Wi-fi availability for you and your guests
  • High definition screen for displaying graphics
  • Dry-erase boards
  • Conference calling
  • Access to our gourmet coffee bars
  • HDMI adapters
  • Apple TV equipment for MAC users

Along with these terrific features, the square feet of our rooms allows for space and comfortability. Now, you can schedule flexible meetings without cramming multiple employees within a confined space. You can even use it as a training room to guide new employees on board to your enterprise. Business districts can be extremely busy due to Houston Texas’s population, especially downtown Houston. Event spaces can be hard to come by. Choosing us as your leasing business for office spaces can only aid you and your company.

Other Rooms We Provide

Conference rooms aren’t the only spaces we offer. Try out some of our virtual services! These services are especially beneficial to clients who have small businesses. You can enjoy the luxuries of having a traditional office while being your own boss and working on your terms. Traditional offices give you the option of using our luxurious space to meet with clients. Also, you can use the address on business cards, websites, and as the headquarters of your company site.

Private offices are also beneficial to businesses needing space for commercial purposes. Real estate, especially, can only gain from having a professional office space when engaging with clients for the buying or selling of property. No one wants to do business in random meeting spots. Maintain your stature of professionalism and lease one of our spaces to conduct your business in.

Our private offices also include:

  • Complimentary Conference room usage with all of its features previously discussed
  • Fax, copy, and printing services on site
  • Professional receptionist
  • Business cafe on site
  • Up to 45 percent discount on FedEx services
  • On-Demand administrative services
  • Flexible leasing terms with custodial services
  • Utilities included with services

As you can see, we spare no expense for our clients and neither should you. Use our office space to serve your clients better as well!

Conference Rooms in Houston

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Customer Experience of Our Conference Rooms

Our customers don’t shy away from telling us about our facilities either. We have built a track record of being courteous and offering first-class service.  Our management is very professional and considerate toward the client’s needs. As you can see here, customers who have used our company still use it today. Also, we consider even the little things such as supplying you with mail when leasing with us for your office needs.

Numerous clients compliment us on what we do because we think about their needs first. If you are an owner or have worked with a company before, customer experience is the primary feedback you need. Whether the feedback is good or bad, it helps your services improve, thus only making you better in the process. Not even a superstar can continue being successful without fans to adhere to. The same goes for your business. Be the superstar we know you can be!

Leasing with us is more than a smart executive decision. It allows the workflow of your entire office to go smoother. If you don’t think so, think about it. When you are confined and have limited options, do you work more productively? Usually, the answer is no. How can anyone work efficiently within limited spaces or continuous rescheduling? Titan Business Suites optimizes your office experience by maximizing your business capabilities when you lease our rooms.

Titan Business Suites in Houston

Needless to say, using our suites will be optimal for your company, brand, or business performance. As an owner, your reputation is at stake with everything your company does. These things can include blog posts, articles, telemarketing, projects, and other services. Because of this, you don’t want any aspect within your domain to not meet standards. It is crucial that everything you produce looks up to par with what your brand exemplifies. Don’t let something like lack of space reduce the quality of your employees’ work.

Moreover, our services excel in the professional setting you need for your commercial purposes. If you are interested in renting space for your office needs, call (281) 769-8181. Additionally, if you’d like to see our headquarters in person, we are located at 24044 Cinco Ranch Village Center Boulevard Suite 100. You can find us excelling at what we do in Katy, Texas 77494. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Unfortunately, we are closed on weekends but dedicate every minute we’re open to your office space needs.

Let us know what criteria fit the setting you need for your operations, and we got you covered. Select us if you’d like conference rooms in Houston!

Houston TX Fun Facts

  • Houston, TX, was the state capital or two years.
  • The Galleria is the largest shopping mall.
  • We have over 150 museums in the city!
  • For more fun facts, visit here!