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Katy TX corporate meeting rooms at Titan Business Suites will change the dynamics of your future corporate business meetings. Our comfortable meeting space in Katy, Texas, will inspire high productivity and focused engagement.

Katy tx corporate meeting rooms

Katy tx corporate meeting rooms
A meeting room to inspire productivity and creativity

The environment you work in can make your business meetings successful and results-oriented. Our rooms offer suitable space for your co-workers or clients to drive your group discussions forward with the equipment to accommodate your goals.

Your meeting space in Katy Texas can be used as an event space to celebrate an important milestone. You might need to utilize our high speed internet and transform the space into a corporate meeting room or business training room. You can also hold important conference meetings in our readily equipped conference rooms. Whatever your needs are, you can be sure that we have a private meeting space for your guests. Call us today to use make use of our spaces.

High Speed Internet

These days it is hard to share a lot of information quickly and efficiently without using the internet. However, without the help of high speed internet, you might as well not use any internet at all. We know how much a business thrives and lives online. So, at Titan Business Suites in Katy Tx, corporate meeting rooms are exactly what business centers need to get the best room rental with high speed internet.

We offer the very best equipment to get your meetings moving in the right direction and never slow you down.

Display your business PowerPoint or document presentations on high-definition screens. Share what you need on fast, reliable, and professional equipment to reflect your company’s business standards.

Our meeting room is ready with HDMI adaptors and all of the necessary equipment for Apple TV.

Sometimes you need to share a quick thought or brainstorm some ideas. The most convenient and straightforward method to help you do this is using a dry erase board. Every meeting space you rent with us is equipped with a large glass dry erase board to share your ideas quickly and easily.

Conference Rooms and Shared Office Spaces

You can take your time when you rent meeting space at Titan Business Suites in Katy Texas, because the time is entirely up to you. A high speed internet room rental is available for however long you need it at a price you can afford. Titan Business Suites of Katy Tx corporate meeting rooms can be used as shared office spaces with plenty of square feet for comfortable workflow.

katy tx corporate meeting rooms

View of one of Titan’s empty modern offices with sofa, tables, and chairs.

You can rent one of our conference rooms or shared office spaces for one hour, all day or even the entire week. The choice is up to you because we can meet your demand no matter what. We will provide a meeting room for ten guests to sit and engage comfortably. Your business needs are our top priority.

Event Space or Meeting Room

Why not hold your next company staff party by renting out a roomy event space. Utilize all of our business-ready amenities for regular meetings biweekly, once a month, or whatever frequency is right for you and your business associates. Make Katy Tx corporate meeting rooms at Titan Business Suites a regular part of your business initiative. In doing so, you help to facilitate effective communication and business team engagement.

Training Room

There are many different types of restaurant businesses in Katy, Texas alone. The restaurant business remains one of the most significant types of businesses in Katy and Houston.

Our Katy Texas corporate meeting rooms are perfect spaces to use as training rooms for corporate management teams.

Hosting a meeting inside a restaurant is full of distractions.

Customer and team member traffic is constantly going back and forth. Why not meet in a comfortable, private, and quiet Katy Tx corporate meeting room at Titan Business Suites. Use the high-quality office equipment to display and discuss new ideas you plan to implement within the restaurant. Utilize the glass dry erase board to discuss various floor plans and seating arrangements with the restaurant head management team.

A Meeting Space plus Gourmet Coffee

Meetings in conference rooms do not have to be all about business all of the time. Everyone needs a break to stay productive. Otherwise, burnout is sure to happen. Our Katy Tx corporate meeting rooms at Titan Business Suites offer everything your co-workers or clients will need to ensure a productive work environment.

Katy tx corporate meeting rooms

The Luxury Of Having A Business Café In Your Office Space

Our conference rooms include a gourmet coffee bar and staff services to give you and your guests a productivity boost. If you love gourmet coffee, then you already know that a hot cup of joe can instantly put you in a better mood. If you are not a coffee lover, that’s okay because your guests might be. Offering coffee is not simply done to be friendly and offer something to drink. However, it is about these things too.

To your guests, grabbing a beverage breaks the monotony of a long business meeting.

When your guests get a break, they will likely appreciate it. When you allow your guests fifteen minutes to stretch and get a fresh cup of coffee, it can recharge your meeting. The result is a more productive meeting with better engagement simply because you give busy minds a break by offering some fresh coffee.

Katy Tx Corporate Meeting Rooms

In Katy Tx corporate meeting rooms at Titan Business Suites are spacious and comfortable rental rooms. Each is equipped with everything you need to kickstart your next important project or corporate meeting discussion. Not only will you have the perfect meeting space, but you will also have spacious rooms, break room amenities, and the right equipment to keep your meetings on track. We have everything you need for a business center to run a successful business meeting smoothly.

Don’t hesitate today to give us a call and get more information about room options and pricing. Come check us out at Titan Business Suites, the very best in Katy Tx corporate meeting rooms.

A Few Fun Facts about Katy Tx:

  • Coming down from the North, the Missouri- Kansas- Texas railroad was the first railroad to have entered the area. The town of Katy was likely named after this railroad line, or MKT railroad, often shortened even further and called “KT”.
  • The worst hurricane to hit the area was the Great Galveston Hurricane of the 1800’s. This hurricane was so destructive that its path reached Katy and destroyed almost all buildings in the Katy area.
  • Learn more about Katy by visiting its website