How Zoom Virtual Meetings Can Be Beneficial to You Saving Money and Time

No one will be surprised when we say that Zoom virtual meetings have saved countless workers’ time and money. While some have had to use it out of necessity, people are discovering one of the biggest advantages of working from home. With virtual meetings and virtual work, you cut out all the messy transitions that get in between you and productivity.

Your Commute and Your Stress

Working from home and collaborating through the computer means that you are completely getting rid of your commute. There are very few people in the world that are not going to appreciate this blessing. Everyone dreads that wait in traffic. But perhaps you underestimate exactly how much you are saving.

How Zoom Virtual Meetings Can Be Beneficial to You Saving Money and Time

A 2018 study found that Houston had the longest commute in the state and one of the highest in the nation at an average 59-minute round trip. With a 5-day work weed and taking out the average number of vacation days the American worker takes (17 days), they found that over the course of a year, Houstonians spend 9.95 days commuting to and from work. That is a large chunk of life to lose. And we lose it stressed and frustrated in a standstill.

By working from home, you completely get rid of these problems. You can spend those thirty-minute windows doing something else. That could mean sleeping in till you feel rested or taking your time to wake up. The beauty of working through Zoom is even your morning routine can be stripped bare. The dress code is not going to be nearly as strict as it was in the office, and, in most cases, you are only dressing for yourself.

Lastly, getting rid of your commute is a smart economic decision too. Waiting in traffic is where cars commit their worst mileage per gallon. Now, you remove that daily blemish out of your car’s tank and your credit card, likely saving you hundreds a month.

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