How to Market during COVID 19

Given the current state of the world, you may be struggling with marketing your business; everyone is trapped indoors and struggling to communicate over occasionally faulty zoom calls. There’s a more efficient space you could use to tackle your next big marketing plan: with Titan Business Suites, you have access to meeting rooms and private offices here in Katy, TX.

How can you and your team overcome the seemingly impossible obstacles that come with marketing a business? As experts, we have plenty of solutions that will help you flourish in the digital realm.

The First Step – Brand Analysis

The first thing you need to do is take a hard (and long) look at your company’s profile – you can’t be a pioneer online if this is not rock solid. Many small business fail to understand that branding goes so much deeper than an interesting looking logo. In reality, you have to consider company values, goals, and promises that you’re willing to keep with your audience. All of this information is directly related to your performance as a company. What you do and what you stand for determines the content you produce and the development of other aspects of your business.

Group working around a table while using face masks.

Your team needs a peaceful working environment for developing your business plan.

Knowing Your Audience

Now that you’ve reiterated your goals, are you sure you know who your audience is? You may have a good idea of their age, gender, race, or socioeconomic status, but this information needs to go deeper than that.

Why would your audience purchase your product? What do they have to do with your industry? More importantly, what are your competitors not providing to your audience? These answers will give you direction so you’ll know how to step in and beat others out.

You also need to find the best place to find your audience. Don’t just determine the digital platform they use – consider what aspect of the platform they use the most and manipulate it.

Digital Translation

This leads us to our last step; digital translation. All of the research you’ve done needs to go online, but you can’t be sloppy about it. Presentation and formatting are everything in the digital world – new brands have caught on to the importance of an aesthetic, but others are seriously behind. Knowing what visually attracts your audience is invaluable in gaining their attention and keeping it. From there, you can test what they do and don’t respond to and adjust your personal strategy accordingly.

Marketing during COVID has finally pushed us all over the edge of digitization – which is new for some – but if there’s anything to remember, it’s that your company’s success lies in research. The more you know your audience, the better you can communicate; if there’s any time to get this together, now is your best chance. Call (281) 769-8181 to talk to our team about private offices so you can jumpstart your new digital marketing strategy today.