How To Get Your Business PR For Free

As a company, you’re always looking for a way to advertise and show off your company. But it seems like there are so many companies doing the same thing, so it might feel overcrowded. In addition to that, if you are sending press releases, you may have noticed that this section is particularly overcrowded. The reality is that there are several companies sending PR to journalists in their local area. So, what can you do to get free PR and, more importantly,  make your business stand out?

We’re going to give you a couple of tops that we are sure to work when it comes to getting free PR. If you take the time to implement these tips and strategies, we know they will help you to stand out. So, keep reading and take notes for your business.

How To Get Your Business PR For Free

Take Your PR to the next level.

Tips To Get Free PR For Your Business

  1. Be Active In Your Community

As a business, the reality is that you are located in a specific community. The real question is, does your community know that your business is there? If they do, there is a better chance of residents patronizing you. With that being said, a great way to get them to know that you’re in the community is by participating and being an active member of your community. It’s great and effective PR to put tour businesses into positive things happening in your community. Reach out to local organizations and show your support.

2. Fit Yourself Into the News

It’s important to put yourself in the shoes of the persons that gets all the PR for a media company. They have to go through various businesses, and essentially, they need to find one that fits seamlessly into the plan for the day. With that being said, there are a couple of things that you can do. Make yourself newsworthy by immediately answering the “So What” question. This allows for you to stand out, and they immediately know what you’re about. In addition, think about the news stories usually shared and fit your business into it.

3. Build Media Relationships & Target Local Newsrooms

When it comes to media, a lot of the time, it’s about who you know. It’s always a smart idea to build relationships with people in the media industry. This can assist with getting your business some time on-air, which is essentially the goal. In addition, it’s important to start targeting locally. What does this mean? It means that you should send your PR to local media addresses and keep them in your rotation. Many times they have some time and need to fill up a slot, and that is where you might end up.

4. Be Creative

This tip might seem very simple, but there is a truth to being creative. The truth is that media personnel see the same things over and over again. So, help yourself stand out and be creative with the way that your present yourself and your business. A handwritten note or even a sample of your project is a great way to be creative and stand out.