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Titan Business Suites has the best Katy, TX private office space for rent. With offices as large as three hundred square feet and full-service amenities, we know we have a private office you will love. Our offices are clean, professional-looking, and fully furnished. You can get twenty-four-hour access to your office and so many other great benefits.

When you are ready to check out a Katy, TX private office space for rent, check out Titan Business Suites’ Katy location. Give us a call or text us today!

Katy, TX Private Office Space for Rent at Titan Business Suites

Katy, TX private office space for rent

With Titan Business Suites customers can get a Katy, TX private office space for rent that is clean, comfortable, and professional.

Titan Business Suites knows what people truly want when it comes to providing rental offices. We make sure everything is covered, from an internet connection, to mail services and even phone services. We are always prepared to accept new leaseholders and want to make sure your experience is a positive one. We provide a flexible contract that provides innovative and efficient office solutions for those who may want all the benefits of a private office but may not need a permanent office.

We are sure that whatever your needs are, we can provide an office that will fit your criteria perfectly. With all the benefits we provide, you will have everything you need. One of the best services we provide is our flexible leases. It doesn’t matter if you need an office for a few hours, a few days, or long term. We have offices for everyone, no matter what the time frame is.

Another great benefit of renting from us is the discounts you can receive during your lease. Titan Business Suites have private office spaces for rent, but we do so much more than that.

What You Can Get With Private Office

As we previously mentioned before, leaseholders can get a fully furnished office of up to three hundred square feet. Customers get twenty-four-hour access, so this is ideal for those who love to work at night. Clients’ offices will always be clean thanks to our janitorial services.

Those who rent with us can take advantage of our FedEx services and receive up to 45% off. Clients are more than welcome to use our fax, copy, scan, and printing services. We offer on-demand administrative services such as notary, data entry, appointment scheduling, mail forwarding, filing, scanning, and copying services.

We also provide telephone service and equipment, as well as high-speed internet connection. Therefore, you can get to work immediately when you rent from us. Additionally, you can enjoy our complimentary refreshment area, including coffee, espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, and tea.

There are so many benefits to taking advantage of, but this is not all we have to offer. You can also add our virtual services and look into the meeting rooms that we have available.

Virtual Services

Katy, TX private office space for rent

Text or call us to sign up for any or all of our services.

When you rent from Titan Business Suites, there is no reason not to take advantage of everything we have to offer. For instance, our virtual services can help make handling your mail and phone calls that much easier. We offer business addresses as well as phone numbers so you can keep your private information safe. Having a business address and phone number will also give your business a more professional and established look and feel, even if you are still just starting out.

When people look for services and products, they tend to stick with businesses that are more established. Therefore, working out of your home can make attracting customers and clients a little more difficult. With a professional address and phone number, you can assure your clients that you are truly a real business.

With our virtual services, you can enjoy our mail services, such as our contactless mailbox services. This contactless mailbox service allows you to sort and forward your mail all through an app. Request to scan your mail and choose what you want to be thrown away and what you want to keep.

Along with our business phone numbers, you get the extra benefit of a professional receptionist. We offer remote receptionists to take your calls, screen them, and transfer the ones you want. Our clients can take advantage of our notary services, data entry services, appointment scheduling, filing, scanning, and copying services, Get 45% off of all our FedEx services as well as 60% off of our conference rooms.

Conference and Meeting Rooms

If you have a private office, you might want to take advantage of our conference rooms. Our meeting rooms are private, professional, clean, and set up with everything you need to be successful. Clients who need meeting rooms are available for both members and non-members and can be rented for an as long or short amount of time as you need.

Our conference rooms can fit up to ten occupants comfortably. Internet is readily available for those attending your meeting. We offer display monitors that have Bluetooth capabilities. However, we do also provide HDMI adapters and Apple TV equipment for those that need it.

Each conference room comes with a glass dry-erase board for additional notes and visual aids. Our rooms are set up with conference call capabilities, and guests may enjoy our gourmet coffee bar and staff services.

Titan Business Suites is Here For All Your Private Office Needs

Katy, TX private office space for rent

We offer convenient and tasty amenities for both our clients and their guests.

With Titan Business Suites, all your office needs are taken care of. We can provide you with clean and efficient offices that can make your workday that much more productive. Renting an office can be extremely beneficial for those that work from home.

Our offices are great for those who want a professional space that is affordable, reliable, and professional looking. Whether you work with clients or not, simply having an office away from your home can be extremely beneficial. You can leave all your work problems at your office and create more stable boundaries between work and home.

Whether you are just starting out or you have been in business for several years, having a private office can only benefit you. Contact Titan Business Suites today to ask about a Katy, TX private office space for rent for you.

Fun Facts for Katy TX:

  • Katy is conveniently just 30 minutes out of Houston.
  • Downtown is where you can enjoy seeing dozens of historical homes and buildings.
  • These buildings were saved and preserved after the hurricane of 1900.