Embrace Work Life Balance With a Business Mailing Address

Having a business mailing address is a great way to create a strong boundary between your life at home and the work you do for your business. When you use our virtual services, Titan Business Suites ensures that you don’t have to lease a permanent location just to get a business mail address. We offer flexible pricing and plans in the service of getting you what you need at an affordable price.

The physical address of our location can be used on business cards, your website, important documents, and more. Additionally, when you engage our services, you will also get access to and a discount for our rental meeting rooms.

business mailing address

Titan Business Suites offers great business mailing address services.

Why Should You Get a Business Mailing Address Separate From Your Residence?

You can use the address of your residence as your business address; some people do. However, there are many drawbacks to this plan. The relaxation and time off you enjoy at home will be interrupted when you receive business documents, spam, and business inquiries in the mail. It will be easier to put work out of your mind while you enjoy your downtime at home if your business mail is directed to a secondary location.

Privacy is another major benefit of a business mailing address. Clients won’t be able to show up to your house to speak with you; they will instead be directed to the much more professional location of our office buildings. The mail handling services we provide allow us to hold your mail and keep it safe while you are out of the office.

Titan Business Suites also offers a 45% discount on services from FedEx for clients who use our mailing services. Benefits like these make our company an easy choice when it comes to deciding who to trust with your business mail.

What Details Should You Know About Our Mailing Services?

business mailing address

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The address you can send your mail to from Titan Business Suites is a commercial address. It differs from a PO box in that you will be able to receive letters and packages from all couriers without a problem. Our staff is authorized to accept and sign for packages under your name. You can come pick up your mail during our business hours.

Non-U.S. residents and people who live outside of the United States can make use of our services should they need them. Your local ID can usually be used to verify your identity. In order to use our mailing services and comply with USPS regulations, you will be required to submit a notarized USPS Form 1583 and two forms of identification. A local or online notary can take care of the notarization for you, or you can have our office do it for free.

Titan Business Suites offers even more services beyond the use of a mailing address that can be useful to your business. Call us or visit us today to get more information about our rental meeting rooms, office spaces for lease, and virtual services.