Hiring a Virtual Assistant Through COVID

Posted on September 20, 2020

A new career and vocation has propped up in recent years. These virtual assistants are self-employed, independent contractors. They are ready to perform professional administrative work for business executives on the go. In this new workplace environment, this career and service has taken the world by storm. Today, many CEOs are getting their own virtual […]

How to Juggle Homeschooling and Working from Home

Posted on September 15, 2020

We have all been thrown for a loop with both this remote work and this remote schooling. Most of us were not planning to make this transition anytime soon. Even now as we have had some time to adjust, this fall semester is still requires some getting used to. For those that never intended to […]

How to Adapt Homeschooling

Posted on September 3, 2020

In the midst of the Corona Virus Pandemic, many families are considering what schooling option is best for their child(ren). For many, homeschooling has become the best solution. When a parent decides to homeschool their child(ren), there is a lot of things to consider. For instance, what curriculum will you use, how will you arrange […]

Communication within a Remote Team

Posted on August 27, 2020

In any workplace, communication is an essential part of the work culture. Continuous communication helps everyone keep up with things like daily tasks, company events, and work issues. virtual work communication. Virtual Work Communication For those working remotely, virtual communication takes place through platforms like Skype, Zoom, and Google. Also, there are more traditional forms, […]

From the Negative Impact of COVID-19 to Office Benefits

Posted on August 21, 2020

You don’t need us to tell you all the different ways the pandemic has affected businesses, large and small alike. It might be difficult, but try not to think of it as a setback – it’s simply a redirect towards something we were all moving towards anyway. After all, digital marketing is now the new […]

How to Market during COVID 19

Posted on August 17, 2020

Given the current state of the world, you may be struggling with marketing your business; everyone is trapped indoors and struggling to communicate over occasionally faulty zoom calls. There’s a more efficient space you could use to tackle your next big marketing plan: with Titan Business Suites, you have access to meeting rooms and private […]

What Titan Business Suites is Doing for Sanitation

Posted on July 24, 2020

Here at Titan Business Suites, we take COVID-19 very seriously. We are aware that there have been many cases. Thus, the reason for the implications of touchless sanitation stations, to help from the spread of this deadly disease. At Titan, we use Force of Nature disinfectants to clean and sanitize as needed. With the outbreak […]

What Mail Identity Service Can Do for You

Posted on July 20, 2020

When you rent a private office space or a virtual office, then you have the options to our mailing services. This amenity is one of the many that come with renting an office with Titan Business Suits. This will set up a private mailbox, allows you to get packages from FedEx for a fraction of […]

How to Market During COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted on July 17, 2020

COVID-19 has put some major setbacks for marketing, so the question is, how does one bring customers towards them during this tough time? Reassure Customers Customers need to see a relaxed and poised leader who looks like they have everything under control. Humans always need reassurance, and customers need that reassurance that the company they […]